Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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New Holographic mapping tool to be used by Group 4 Architecture
On March 9th Group 4 Architecture will be the first architecture firm to own and operate the new holographic mapping tool. The machine was designed by Paul Wall of the Peoples Champ Company, and is the first tool of its kind.
The machine works with a simple sketching tool and a vast depth/angle spreadsheet, all done on a computer. The Sketching tool is for inputting the basic outline of the building project. The user will do this for each side of the building, basement, and roof. The next part gets a little tricky however. All the depths of each nook and cranny are inputted into the depth spreadsheet. This allows the machine to automatically adjust angles and combine the building outline sketches into a basic 3-D model. After the 3-D model is complete it is then possible to add all of the exterior details and even detailed floor plans into the model. This makes it possible for the machine to show the user any angle of the project even as if the building were sliced down the middle.
Once the 3-D model is complete the user is able to use the most revolutionary part of this incredible tool, the hologram. The hologram of the building is made with an extremely complex light system. It works with the light beams refracting or bending around the existing light beams that are creating the frontal view of the building. The bent beams then refocus on the other side to create the 3-D hologram. This unique system allows for the hologram to look exactly like the finished product, including windows, building color, and the floor plan. Like the 3-D computer model the hologram model building can also be viewed as if it were sliced down the middle. This new age architectural modeling system will improve customer satisfaction and group 4’s ability to create the designers perfect project. Since this is such a revolutionary machine group 4 also thought it would be nice to share it with the public.
From March 16th to the 27th group 4 will allow anyone to come and see the new machine in action. Group 4 will be conducting business as usual but, with the privilege of having potential customers watching as designs are put into action. Although Group 4 will still be serving customers with any size architectural project in mind, only commercial projects will be put together with the holographic machine. Come on down and see what group 4 can do for you.

Joe Bailo

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