Sunday, March 8, 2009

Instructions by Alice Gustafson

How to draw a rose

Whether it be a job in graphic design or just for fun, you can learn how to draw a rose.


1. Draw a vertical line as direction for your stem.

2. Add triangles along the edges of the stem to each side, alternating between the two. Curve the lines of the triangles to give a better effect to each thorn.

3. Add two main banana leaves, one on each side to hold up the rose petals.

4. Draw a line with one curve starting from the stem to represent the top of a leaf. From the bottom of the line where you started the curve on the stem, draw a line with one bend that connects to the other side of the leaf. Draw a line in the middle of the leaf connecting the stem and the end of the leaf. Add three slightly curved lines, alternating each one to show the veins of the leaves. This should complete the shape of a leaf.

5. Add up to three leaves alternating from side to side.

6. Draw many of these on either side with different lengths and sizes but all connecting to the top of the stem.

7. Draw one peep shaped petal on the left side of the banana leaves.

8. Add a second petal with the similar shape of a peep on the right, but add a wider end on the top. Leave approximately a centimeter of space between the two teardrops.

9. Add a third teardrop shaped petal in the middle of the two petals. Attach it to the left petal. Do not draw the parts that are hidden by the petals in the front.

8. Draw a couple side petals peeking out from besides the bigger petals representing the buds.

9. Add one more petal in the middle connecting to the right petal. Draw the top of it with two triangles.

10. Darken the outline of the rose and color if you would like.

11. Shade a few edges to get the illusion of light shining down.

12. Color in/ Shade in the top banana leaves and color it all if you wish.

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